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Ladies Conference 2019

Many of our great hymns of the faith seem to speak to us, stir us, and lead us to worship no matter how many times we sing them.  Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing is one of those hymns.

Come, thou fount of every blessing,

Tune my heart to sing thy grace.

As a musician, that phrase speaks to me.  An instrument left to itself is very vulnerable to many conditions such as temperature and humidity, and left alone it will always fall out of tune.  The same is true of our lives as Christian women.  Sin, the sin of others, and the fallen condition of this world send our hearts and minds in all kinds of directions.  When we come back to worship, the Holy Spirit begins to strum the strings of our hearts, and we hear the dissonance.  Our hearts always require His tuning!

Let me encourage you and your ladies to attend this year’s ladies conference, “Tune My Heart.”  I believe that you will be blessed by the music provided by the Mieczkowski Family and uplifted by our speakers, Mrs. Francie Taylor and Dr. Linda Norrell.  Please plan to attend and make this a great day of tuning our hearts to sing His praise!


You can download the brochure and registration sheets at